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Wheel Repair in Hayward and the East Bay Area

We repair all types of cast aluminum and forged wheels in shop, most of the time while you wait.

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A damaged wheel doesn't have to be the end of the road because East Bayz offers wheel repair for cast aluminum and forged wheels. Wheels can become damaged from hitting potholes in the road, debris or objects on the road, protruding train tracks, uneven manhole covers and even drainage ditches. With all the weight of your vehicle riding on your wheels the impact doesn't have to be extreme to bend a wheel, especially on low profile tires.

Indicators of Wheel Damage

A good indicator of wheel damage is excessive vibration of your seats or steering wheel while driving. If you look of at an empty passenger seat while on the road and you see it shaking, you may need to have one or more wheels repaired. Also, if your vehicle is constantly losing tire pressure this could also be caused by a damaged wheel.

Symtoms of Damaged Wheels

  • Vibrating of unoccupied passenger seats
  • Vibrating of vehicle steering wheel
  • Constant loss of tire pressure

Our Wheel Repair Process

We use a process of low temperature heat and slowly mold the wheel back into shape with hydraulic pressure. Our facility is equipped with the latest model Nitromac Hydraulic Wheel Press for performing our wheel repair process. East Bayz is capable of repairing the inner wheel lip on sizes between 13" and 28" as well as repair minor to major bends and minor cracks.