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Tire Repair in Hayward and the East Bay Area

East Bayz performs tire repairs on all types of flat or leaking tires including passenger vehicle tires, performance tires and specialty tires.

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We can patch and repair all types of tires damaged by a puncture caused by running over a nail, screw, broken glass or other road debris while driving. While some tires punctures result in a flat tire immediately, other tire damage can result in a slow leak that continually releases tire pressure over time. If your tire is losing more than a few pounds of air per month we can check your tire for damage and make the necessary repair.

Avoid Driving on Tires with Low Pressure

Most people don't realize the driving for extended periods on a tire with consistently low pressure (even as little as 10 lbs less than normal pressure) can cause the tire to heat up and melt the inner sidewall. If left unchecked, the wear on low pressure tires can render them unrepairable.

Problems Associated With Low Tire Pressure

  • Reduced traction while driving
  • Decreased fuel economy
  • Premature and uneven wear of tires
  • Decreased tire life
  • Permanent tire damage

Common Causes of Tire Pressure Loss

The most common causes of tire pressure loss are puncture damage and wheel damage, such as peeling paint or chrome plating between the tire and wheel is allowing pressure to escape. Whether your tire needs to be patched or you require wheel repair to stop pressure loss in your tire, our technicians will identify the damage responsible and make the necessary repairs, usually while you wait.